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Our Girls

All of our girls are Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. They are our pets and our pups are raised in our homes with us.  All of our breeding dogs have hip health examinations on file and have received outstanding results. Each of our girls are different in their own way, but one thing they all have in common is that they LOVE people and they love to cuddle!


A cream mini with a sweet nature.  Honey loves to cuddle and has a strong desire to please!  She likes playing with her sister and fetching with the rest of her furry family. She is a natural mama and is excellent with every litter (even when they aren’t hers). She is 20 pounds! 


A chocolate mini who loves to fetch.  She is quick, agile, and can even give the big dogs a run for their money when chasing a ball!  Once the fetching is over Coco loves to cuddle on the couch with whoever she can find!


Butters is the perfect blend of athletic and affectionate. She loves to fetch and play but is just as happy snuggling on the couch. She loves people, children, cats, and other dogs and is the sweetest girl!  She is an excellent mother and never leaves her pups! 


Cookie is simply a doll baby. She loves attention and wants nothing more than to cuddle on her mom’s lap! She is also one of the fastest girls we have and can out fetch our 100 pound German shepherd! She is 20 pounds of pure joy and we love her to pieces! 


Arya is a 20 pound apricot sweetheart. She is very affectionate and would be happy cuddling on the couch all day! She is also very athletic and loves to fetch, but her happy place is snuggling up with the ones the loves! 

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