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About the Breed

Come for the looks, Stay for... everything else!


There is no denying that Australian Labradoodles are beautiful dogs, but their looks are only a small piece of what makes this breed so amazing! 


Labradoodles are a breed that love to please!  They are affectionate dogs who feed off of encouragement and engagement. Labradoodles have an uncanny ability to interpret their owners mood using their powerful noses and keen ability for observation. They also love to cuddle and be close to their owners.

Allergies and Dander

Labradoodles are often referred to as "hypoallergenic" because they do not produce dander like more common dog breeds.  They don't shed like other dogs either!  If you have had a Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd Dog you may have resigned yourself to the daily vacuum/sweep routine that many have.  With a Labradoodle you can expect your dog to shed about as much as you do!

We take special care when breeding our dogs to ensure they benefit from a genetic line that will maximize the chances of producing offspring with hypoallergenic coats.

Wash n’ Wear Care 

Almost everyone really dislikes the smell of wet dogs, and with good reason. Rainy days with a dog can be the worst. Moisture combines with the oils on the dog’s skin to release microorganisms like yeast and bacteria into the air. 

This is not the case with Australian Labradoodles. Because they have fleece-like coats, they do not retain the smells and particles from the air the way a normal dog would. 

You will notice that your neighbor’s pitbull, or even a your best friend’s tiny chihuahua will smell “like a dog” -Australian Labradoodles do not have that problem! The reason for this is because their coat is hair or fleece-like. In stead of absorbing all the water the way regular dog’s coat does, the water sheet’s off the dog’s fur, and when there isn’t any water to combine with the oils and sebum on a dog’s skin, theres much less smell. 

Another great thing about the Labradoodle’s coat is that it will only need a good brushing about one or two times per week. 

Ability to Learn

Labradoodles are loveable, social, and sharp as a tack! Originally bred as guide dogs by the breed's founder, Wally Conran, they are a mixture of the friendly and smart Labrador Retriever and Poodle known for their loyalty and outgoing nature. This combination results in a dog who picks up on training quickly.  Labradoodles often have a strong fetching drive.

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